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What is LiveSalary™?

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Who is LiveSalary™ by?

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LiveSalary is a specialist salary exchange website created to become the number one resource in Australia for people seeking relevant, real time salary information.

Salary data is entered online by Australian employees and compiled anonymously so that Aussies, free of charge, can determine how their salary compares to their colleagues.

All salary data is shown ‘live’ (in real time) – so the moment salary data is entered it becomes available to the entire community. Finally a website that delivers up to the minute salary data at your fingertips!

LiveSalary delivers Australian-centric salary data spanning 33 job families, 73 industries, over 480 roles and literally thousands of different job titles. Importantly, the impact of factors such as company size, gender, location, industry, years of experience, and number of direct reports can also be included in salary searches to ensure the most accurate and relevant salary data is delivered to you.

Oh, and did we mention the information’s 100% free?!

Visitors to the site also have the option to search and apply for jobs that match their exact salary and employment profile.

The site was launched in June 2008 by Quinntessential Marketing. We hope you find it useful and we welcome your feedback and ideas.


Average Salary

Salary Survey Unless someone left a spreadsheet of the company’s salaries on the copier (funny how that does happen),
most employees have precious little ammunition going into a meeting to talk about their pay.

– The New York Times, March 3rd, 2007.


Who is LiveSalary™ for?

LiveSalary is for anyone interested in understanding what Australian employees are actually being paid. So whether you are …


  • a job seeker evaluating a job offer, or
  • an employee evaluating your true market worth, or
  • a business curious as to how your company’s remuneration practices compare to other similar firms …

… then LiveSalary can help you by providing up-to-date and searchable salary data free of charge.

So, you’ll love LiveSalary if you’re one of the many people who:

  • has a performance review with your manager coming up and want to go in prepared with information about what your peers are earning.
  • is offered a new job but have lost touch regarding how much you are really worth in today’s job market.
  • is contemplating a career change and want to know how much people in another profession really earn.
  • come home from a night out with friends only to wonder how much the person you just spent half the night chatting to really earns (but were too afraid to ask).

You can use LiveSalary to conduct salary searches on nearly every conceivable job in Australia – covering 33 job families, 73 industries, over 480 roles and literally thousands of different job titles.


Salary Survey



What is LiveSalary™?

LiveSalary™ is a free real-time salary comparison website that allows people to calculate their true market value by sharing anonymous remuneration data with other employees.

The site enables you to get accurate, real-time salary data based on information relevant to your specific situation such as your job title, location, gender, education and experience.

LiveSalary operates a “give to get” model. Put simply, it’s a form of sharing – you provide accurate and anonymous salary data and in return you get access to all the salary information shared by our community.

LiveSalary aims to throw light on information that has always been hard to find. By anonymously adding your salary you become part of a community of employees helping each other by anonymously sharing salary information. To date, this kind of detailed salary information has simply not been available to Australian employees in real time nor has it been available free of charge.

LiveSalary changes that.

The site also enables you to search and apply for relevant jobs online. We understand that the same people who are interested in viewing up to date salary data are often also interested in viewing the latest job opportunities.

The more people who participate in LiveSalary, the more representative and useful the findings will be to everyone. So play your part in the LiveSalary community by contributing your salary now, or if you’ve already contributed go straight to the salary search engine.



 Average Salary


Who is LiveSalary™ by?

LiveSalary™ was developed by Quinntessential Marketing in 2007/08 and launched in June 2008. We are a small company (less than 20 employees) whose team combines to pack a powerful punch! Established in 2001, Quinntessential is primarily focused on the development and sale of its two web-based solutions:

  1. 1. PeoplePulse – Australia’s leading online survey software for conducting staff and customer surveys,
  2. 2. LiveSalary – Our fabulous salary exchange website that your fine eyes are fixated on at this very moment in time!



Quinntessential Marketing is owned by Elmo Software Limited (ASX: ELO).


LiveSalary is the brainchild of Quinntessential’s founder – Paul Quinn. Key members of the LiveSalary™ sales team consist of:


You can contact the LiveSalary team with any feedback or queries by using our contact form.

** All ‘thank you for providing the data to help seal my latest pay rise’ gifts can be donated to our charity of choice – Oxfam – on our behalf. Conversely, if LiveSalary has helped you confirm your suspicion that you’re earning far too much money … don’t fear – your secret’s safe with us (well safe until your boss stumbles across this site anyway!).


 Did you know that over 45% of employees leave their job due to insufficient rewards?

– Australian Institute of Management



Why was LiveSalary™ developed?

Quite simply, because we got sick of the poor quality, incomplete, hard to find, and out of date salary data available to Australian employees.

For too long Australian employees have been restricted in their ability to establish how much they should be earning. Most published salary data was often 12+ months old and, at best, only remotely representative of their current employment situation.

What use is knowing that a ‘Marketing Executive in Melbourne earns between $60-$85K’ if that data hasn’t ALSO factored in that person’s specialist industry, the number of people that report to them, their highest level of education, the size of their firm and the person’s level of experience? Not to mention that broad salary ranges such as ‘$60-$85K’ are of little use to anyone.

LiveSalary aims to change that and put relevant information back into the employee’s hands. Even better – all salary results are 100% free to access.

While the publishers of many traditional salary surveys often have a vested interest in artificially inflating the results, we have no such need to influence the salary data we publish. Our content is totally user generated and there is total transparency between the salary data entered and the salary reports generated from these contributions.

There is no incentive for contributors to mislead people about what they earn. Any bogus or inconsistent salary entries can be ‘flagged’ as suspicious by other members of the community and disabled by the system, helping the LiveSalary team to ensure the quality of data is maintained. LiveSalary also makes use of the median (as opposed to the average) to report cumulative salary results, helping to lessen the impact of any ‘extreme’ salary entries.


Please note: While this is an anonymous site, your exact title will be published to allow other Australian professionals to easily compare the salaries of most relevance to them.  If your job title is highly unique or identifiable we recommend you generalise your job title ensure your entry remains completely anonymous.

So why not contribute your salary today, or tell your friends and colleagues about us. The more people who know about and use LiveSalary, the richer and more useful the resource becomes for everyone. Think of us as the Wikipedia for Australian salaries!


  Candidates will continue to want more ‘news’ on salaries, skill sets in demand,
‘hot’ qualifications, work/life balance trends and diversity issues…

Candidates can’t get enough of this sort of information. They have heard so much
about the need to manage their own careers that they are eager
to get the tools and information to do just that.

– Kate Southam, CareerOne
Recruitment Journal, June 07




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