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Here are some of the companies that have worked with to build custom salary portals over the years – each are key players in their respective specialty markets:


Mining People International  

Mining People International
(Mining recruitment)


Genesis Recruitment Solutions
(IT / Marketing recruitment)

AbsoluteIT – New Zealand
(IT recruitment)

(IT and Digital Media recruitment)



Legal People
(Legal recruitment)

(Banking, Finance & Accounting recruitment)

  (Accounting, Legal Support, etc)


HR Partners
(HR recruitment)

Forsythes Recruitment

Forsythes Recruitment
(Newcastle, the Central Coast & Hunter Valley Specialists)


(IT recruitment)

Vertical Talent
(Procurement Specialists)

Real Estate
Job Search
(Real estate specialists)



The People Group – Ireland
(Marketing Recruiters)
Firebrand Talent
(Marketing & Digital)

(Education specialists)


Pure Resourcing
Solutions – UK

(a house of specialists)

Resourcing Solutions – UK

(Rail, power, transportation and utilities)

Pinnacle People


Cox Purtell

(Legal, Marketing, Accounting, etc)

ProgressionHR– NZ

(Human Resources)



(Regional Salaries – VIC)

[ With more announced soon! ]

 Did you know that over 45% of employees leave their job due to insufficient rewards?

– Australian Institute of Management



Your advertising options – the 30 second version:


LiveSalary offers advertisers 2 main options to gain exposure to our community:

  1. 1. Get your own custom LiveSalary portal for your website. A powerful new way to attract both passive candidates and active job seekers to your site, increase your number of quality job applications, and provide a strong incentive for candidates to return to your own website!  Only your job adverts will be displayed against matching salary searches on your website’s salary portal.  

  1. Importantly, clients that we build salary portals for are also granted exclusive rights to advertise all of their available jobs on the main salary portal – (this site!).

  2. 2. Advertise products or services on this site. If you have a complementary product or service to LiveSalary that Australian employees would be interested in then your options include ad tiles that appear on targeted salary search results pages, e-mail alert sponsorship, or a custom promotional package.

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What does LiveSalary deliver you, the advertiser?



Unsurprisingly, the majority of the most talented people out there already have jobs.

Many of these people are not actively thinking about a new career, but are still open to new opportunities that present themselves.

Talk to recruiters and they’ll tell you that a large percentage of great candidates who are currently employed just aren’t browsing the major job boards.  Indeed recent research by the Adler Group supports this fact: “Traditional job postings only expose your opportunities to 23% of the viable candidate pool.”

The more talented the individual you are trying to hire, the less likely you will find them searching on traditional job boards because they’re either not actively looking or simply not having a hard time finding job opportunities.

LiveSalary helps you reach these people – passive job seekers, candidates who are currently employed but open to considering interesting opportunities that come their way.

Up-to-date salary data is a powerful and proven attractor of both currently employed workers and active job seekers. Posting a job or promoting your product or services on LiveSalary – Australia’s leading specialist remuneration comparison website – is a great way for your company to reach talent that may otherwise be very difficult to reach.

While the most talented individuals may not be actively searching for jobs on job boards, you can be sure that they are keenly interested in accessing accurate information regarding the money they earn (or the money they believe they should be earning)!

In short, LiveSalary seeks to complement (not replace) your existing job board spend by helping you attract both passive and active candidates via a salary-specific website that uses the primary drawcard of free customised ‘real time’ salary reports.

Your options:

1. Get your own custom LiveSalary portal for your website.

  1. 2. Advertise products or services on this site.