Average Salary Data

Average Salary Ever wanted to know the average salary of people in your profession or peer group but were too afraid to ask?

Average Salary Ever wondered what the average salary was for people in your profession in Sydney Vs Melbourne or Brisbane?

Average Salary How about knowing the truth about how Male Vs Female average salaries really compare in your areas of expertise?

Good quality average salary information such as this has historically been very hard to find (if not impossible) unless you’re prepared to pay thousands of dollars for a professionally produced remuneration report.

Well the good news is that this average salary data is now available, free of charge, to all Australians and covering all professions and industries. The service is called ‘LiveSalary’ and every day Australians are using it to enter their salary data (anonymously) and compare how their data stacks up against their peers.

Over 25,000 salaries are available to be searched, and this data changes daily! It’s free, anonymous, and very useful.

So search our salary data  OR  Contribute your own salary now.