Average Wage

The ability to establish the average wage of your peers in comparison to your own wage has never been easy to achieve. Often salary surveys are out of date, or sometimes wage data is produced by organisations that have a vested interest in artificially inflating or distorting results. Thankfully with the emergence of the free Australian wage and salary comparison website – LiveSalary – that has now changed.


LiveSalary is built on an honesty based system whereby wage earners anonymously enter their average wage along with other relevant details (such as their job title, location, and years of experience) and in return they can search the database of wage earners to see how their wage stacks up.


Not only is the site 100% free to use, it’s also totally transparent – you can search and view the exact wage details entered by other people like you with your exact job title and in your exact industry. There is also a useful job search function that will match your salary data to appropriately advertised jobs.


The site was developed as a free service to the public, utilising ‘people power’ to help employees work out the average wage of their peer group without having to go to the embarrassment of having to ask them face-to-face how much they earn. The site is only as powerful as members of the public allows it (by entering their average wage and salary data), but thankfully the Australian public has taken well to the concept, with 600+ fresh new salary entries being entered for free searching every week. And of course the more wage and salary data the site receives, the more useful the average wage data becomes, and the more benefit everyone receives from the site. A true Win-Win for all parties!


Check it out – click here to contribute your average wage.

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