Salary Survey

At LiveSalary, we aim to take the traditional concept of a Salary Survey to a whole new level of usefulness and functionality.

So what’s wrong with the traditional Salary Survey?

Traditional salary surveys typically show data that represents a snapshot in time and these surveys are usually collected via a once-a-year client survey or a review of advertised salaries in a recruitment agency database. As such, people are often sceptical regarding the accuracy and robustness of the methodology used.

Most published salary data we have found online in Australia is published 12+ months ago and, at best, is only remotely representative of an employee’s full employment situation.  Employees realise that the factors that influence one’s salary are far greater than a person’s job title and location – however most salary surveys only report on these two variables. 

For example, what use is knowing that a ‘Mining Engineer’ in Brisbane earns between $80-$125K’ if that data hasn’t ALSO factored in that person’s specialist industry, the number of people that report to them, their highest level of education, the size of their firm and the person’s level of experience? Not to mention that broad salary ranges such as ‘$80-$125K’ are of little use to anyone.

LiveSalary is different.

It enables users to interrogate results by salary, job title, location, date, gender, years of experience, (and much more), to suit their exact interest level – unlike a static paper-based data table.

LiveSalary operates a “give to get” model. Put simply, it’s a form of sharing – you provide accurate and anonymous salary data and in return you get access to all the salary information shared by our community.

And it’s completely free.

So get started today!

Click here to contribute your salary now, and say goodbye to traditional one dimensional paper based salary surveys.